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Library Workshops & Credit Courses

This guide will provide information about the library workshops and LIB courses

Library Workshops (Fully online for Summer and Fall 2020)

Special notice: Until the campus re-opens, all library workshops are offered online only. Read below to learn more. 

Online Library Workshops

The library's online workshops are delivered in Canvas, not with Zoom. Each workshop is open for one week (7 days) in Canvas, and its activities may be completed at your own pace. The activities will take about 1 hour to complete, and must be finished within one week.

How to Enroll in Online Library Workshops

  • Log in to MyGCC > Main Menu > Workshops > Library Workshops. Choose the workshop you'd like to take, understanding that the workshop starts on the displayed date and ends one week later.
  • Students who enroll by the posted deadline in the schedule (1pm on Monday or Wednesday) will receive a message later that afternoon via GCC email that invites you to join the Canvas workshop.
  • The workshop will close 7 days after it begins, at midnight; all work must be completed by then to gain completion credit.

How to Successfully Complete Online Library Workshops

  • You are given one week to work asynchronously at your own pace on the one hour workshop content.
  • Please read the instructions carefully before you begin each online activity.
  • An instructor will actively monitor your work and progress, so please be thorough.  
  • Some activities/quizzes may need to be graded manually; an instructor will respond in timely fashion.
  • You must finish all workshop content before the end of the week you are enrolled in to complete the workshop.
  • Student attendance for online workshops is recorded in your instructor’s roster, same as traditional workshops.

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