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Library Resources for English Faculty

This guide provides English Division Faculty resources, services, and recommendations.

Best Practices When Requesting Library Orientations, Tours, Etc.

Library Workshops

The library's workshop program meets many of your students' research needs. All workshops are 60-minute long and take place in the library's lab, LB 313. Each topic is offered throughout the semester on a rotating basis. These workshops meet the needs of many students. 

Students sign up via MyGCC, and attend on their own time outside of class. Faculty may assign any of these workshops as a requirement, homework, or as extra credit. Attendance is recorded electronically, and both students and faculty may verify their students' attendance via PeopleSoft.

To access your workshop roster, follow the steps below: 


Given the robust library workshop program, library orientations may be requested for only those classes with a specific assignment that is more in-depth or requires more specialized searching or resources.

In these situations, the library liaison can collaborate with the faculty member on a CampusGuide for the specific class assignment. These orientations are most appropriate for ENGL 101 classes or above.

If you would like to request an orientation, we recommend doing so before the eighth week of classes or at the beginning of the semester so that the library liaison may have as much time as possible to plan for the orientation. There is a minimum turnaround time of 2-weeks for such a request. 


Generally, library tours are not recommended. Since most of our resources are electronically available, students will have a more productive time attending a library workshop or speaking with a reference librarian. 

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