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English 120 -Composition and Reading- Gomez

Research Assignment

G.  Gómez                                                      GCC                                                         Eng 120           



Essay 4 Prompt: Research Paper (3-4 pages) [250 points]


In an Associated Press interview, Satrapi said, “The only thing I hope is that people will read my book and see that this abstract thing, this Axis of Evil, is made up of individuals with lives and hopes.” And in her introduction to Persepolis, she explains that she wrote this book to show that Iran is not, as it is perceived to be, only a country of “fundamentalism, fanaticism, and terrorism.” Research ONE of the events Satrapi depicts in Persepolis – the burning of the movie theater, the golden keys, the cultural changes including the veil etc. How does Satrapi's portrayal of your chosen event compare to how historians and journalists discuss the event?


You are required to integrate at least two research documents into your essay.  The outside sources may NOT be Internet sources.  However, you can view sources from GCC databases from your home computer.  If you are using a newspaper, journal, or magazine article, ensure that it is from a credible source.


Outline Due: Thursday 5/26

Rough Draft Due: Tuesday 5/31 (Bring 2 copies)

Final Draft Due: Friday 6/3 (2:30-4:30)

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