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English 111 - WOMEN IN LITERATURE - Groper

Assignment Requirements

Each Sparking Question assignment will have a posted minimum word requirement. Submit to no later than one hour before class meets.  Completing these assignments will prepare you for class discussions and help you consider the readings more thoughtfully.

Questions #1

Sparking Questions #1 (Due 9/6)

Minimum 200 words

1. Compare Eve's account of meeting Adam with Adam's version.  What differences or similarities stand out to you as important?  Explain

2. How is Milton depicting Eve?  What do you think of this depiction?

Questions #2

Sparking Questions #2 (Due 9/8)

Minimum 300 words

1. What motivates Eve to eat the apple? Explain.

2. What motivates Adam to eat the apple? Explain.

3. What do you think of Milton's version of this story?  How does his interpretation impact our understanding of Eve?

Questions #3

Sparking Questions #3 (Due 9/22)

Minimum 300 words

1. Pay particular attention to the last 4 lines of this poem.  What moral is Swift trying to teach his readers?

2. What commentary do you think Swift is making about women and society in this poem?

3. Can you connect this poem to your modern experiences of female beauty and the pressures and expectations placed on women?

Questions #4

Sparking Questions #4 (Due 9/27)

Minimum 300 words

1. Pick a section of this text that stands out to you (because you like/agree with it or don't like/disagree with it).  What about it do you find most interesting?

2. George Eliot was the pseudonym of Marian Evans.  Does the fact that this essay was written by a woman (who eventually became an extremely successful novelist) affect its message?

3.  What do you think is the most important message in this essay?  Explain.

Questions #5

Sparking Questions #5 (Due 9/29)

Minimum 300 words

1. Discuss Jane's female role models so far (these can include Mrs. Reed, Betsy, Helen, and Miss Temple, or any other characters).  What does she learn from them?  How do they impact the development of her character?

2. Think about the language that is used to describe Jane (her own or others').  What stands out to you?  What do you think the point of such descriptions is?

3.  Spend some time reviewing Jane's interactions with Mrs. Reed in Chapter 4.  Why do you think they are important sections of this text?

Questions #6

Sparking Questions #6 (Due 10/4)

Minimum 300 words

1. How has Jane changed in these chapters as compared with the beginning of the novel?

2. What is most important to Jane at this point in her life? Explain.

3.  What stands out to you about Mr Rochester?  What kind of influence do you think he will have on Jane and her character development?

Questions #7

Sparking Questions #7 (Due 10/6)

Minimum 300 words

1. What reactions does Jane inspire in others?  Why do you think that is?

2. Compare Jane with one of the other new female characters in this Volume.  What is important about their differences or similarities?

Questions #8

Sparking Questions #8 (Due 10/11)

Minimum 300 words

1. What do you think about the way Mr. Rochester treats Jane, specifically the "tricks" he plays on her?

2. The scene where lightning strikes the horse-chestnut tree is symbolically very rich.  What possible meanings do you think Bronte intended the reader to see?

3. Looking back, we can see foreshadowing of Mr. Rochester's secret in the text.  Identify at least two examples and explain them.

Questions #9

Sparking Questions #9 (Due 10/13)

Minimum 300 words

1. What similarities can you see between Jane and Bertha Mason?  Explain.

2. What motivates Jane to leave Thornfield?  What battle does she have to overcome within herself?

3. What do you think of Mr. Rochester's explanation for his actions.  Is he justified?

Questions #10

Sparking Questions #10 (Due 10/18)

Minimum 300 words

1. Discuss the conflict Jane experiences between fulfilling her spiritual duties and the desires of her heart and flesh. You may reference any part of the novel if you choose.

2. Discuss Rochester’s journey from innocence to sin to redemption.

3. How do you feel about the way St. John treats Jane?  Explain.

Questions #11

Sparking Questions #11 (Due 10/27)

Minimum 300 words

1. What role does social class play in this story?

2. How do you feel about Mrs. Slade once you know about the trick she played on Mrs. Ansley and its outcome?

3. How does Mrs. Ansley's revelation affect your understanding of the story and the characters as a whole?

Questions #12

Sparking Questions #12 (Due 11/8)

Minimum 300 words

1. What is distinctive about the room in which the narrator lives? Explain.

2. What does the language John uses when speaking to his wife tell us about his opinion of her (and perhaps women in general)?

3. Since the narrator is not reliable by the end of the story, what do you think happens? Explain.

Questions #13

Sparking Questions #13 (Due 11/15)

Minimum 300 words

1. Compare and contrast Janie's two marriages.  What stands out to you?

2. What do the men in this novel expect from women, especially their wives?

3. How does Janie's character change over the course of these six chapters?

Questions #14

Sparking Questions #14 (Due 11/17)

Minimum 200 words

1. How does Janie change after Joe's death?

2. Why do you think Janie is attracted to Tea Cake?

Questions #15

Sparking Questions #15 (Due 11/22)

Minimum 300 words

1. How would you describe Janie's journey from the beginning of the novel to the end?

2. What overall messages do you think Zora Neale Hurston was communicating about women in this novel?

3. What is your final opinion of Tea Cake and his impact on Janie's life?

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