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English 111 - WOMEN IN LITERATURE - Groper

Revision Plan Worksheet

Fill out this worksheet prior to meeting with me about writing a revision.  Make sure to bring it with you to our meeting!

Electronic Resources

Eng 111 Class Electronic Resources

The following electronic resources will be used throughout the semester to facilitate and enhance your learning experience. Please take some time (early in the semester, when you aren’t too busy) to familiarize yourself with them and complete any registration they may require.

1. (Required) is an anti-plagiarism website with a database of over 200 million archived student papers, 90,000 journals, periodicals, and books, and more than 17 billion web pages. I use this website as a means of making sure my students aren’t cheating and to make sure that they are learning proper citing and quoting format. In addition, I will be grading all of your essays through the website. This means you won’t have to try to read my handwriting, and my comments on your papers will never be lost. You need to create a Turnitin account if you don’t already have one and register in my class. To register, you need the following information:

Class ID – 8346179

Password (case sensitive)– Groper111

Complete the registration process right away; I will not accept excuses if you have trouble registering the night before your first essay is due.

2. Facebook (Optional) It is important that my students feel like they can communicate with me. Some people like to meet face-to-face; some prefer electronic options. I have an e-mail address ( that I check very frequently, but if you’d prefer to use social media, I also have a facebook profile: DrJessica Groper, and I have created a group for your class where you’ll be able to find and interact with your classmates. This is completely optional, but can be a fun way to stay in touch with me and with each other over the course of the semester (and beyond!).

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