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Business 162 - PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING - Cardona

Business Administration 162 is a principles of Marketing class intended for students of business administration or business owners interested in mastering the art of branding

Class Syllabus




Instructor: Rafael Cardona        

Ticket #: 1214

Semester: Spring 2013

Room: Glendale College Main Campus - SF 107

Class Days/Hours: Thursdays 6:55 PM – 9:00 PM.  

Office Hours: Fridays 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM in the Adjunct Faculty Annex, San Gabriel Bldng.,1st Floor.  

Email Address: 

SI (Supplemental Instruction): This is a Hybrid class. Therefore, part of your course grade will be based on group assignments. Please refer to the Moodle instructions of this Syllabus for detail. Note: You should check your Moodle account at least once daily throughout the semester.

Course Description

Principles of Marketing 162 is a 3.0 unit introductory course intended to acquaint students with the business practices involved in the activities of moving goods and services from producers to the ultimate consumer. The course reviews the marketing system and the psychology and sociology of consumer decisions. Additional areas of interest include retailing, wholesaling, new product decisions, pricing, distribution, advertising and marketing research.

A midterm exam consisting of 60 multiple choice questions and one of three essay questions will be given on April 10th. A final exam will be assigned on June 5th and will consist of 60 multiple choice questions and one of five essay questions. Evaluation for grading purposes will be based on a combination of these two exams, as well as 9 quizzes and class attendance. Note that this is a “hybrid” class. Therefore, your individual class attendance grade will be comprised not only of your actual attendance to class every week and actively participating in discussions but also on 12 case studies. The case studies will be completed AS A GROUP exercise outside of class and submitted to the instructor via Moodle the Sunday before class meets for session.


The class will be divided into teams of 5 to 8 members. Individuals assigned to each of the teams will be graded as a group on ALL 12 CASE STUDIES. Case Studies and respective assignments will be posted on Moodle weekly.  

Disabled Students 

All students with disabilities requiring accommodations are responsible for making arrangements on a timely manner through the Center for Students with Disabilities. 

Course Objectives

The student will strive to complete all required work as scheduled in order to improve his or her marketing skills.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the required coursework, the student will be able to:

  • Recognize and develop an appreciation for customer need.
  • Understand the four P's of marketing:  Product, Price, Place (distribution), and Promotion.
  • Examine specific marketing areas of interest to the student.
  • Understand all components of a basic marketing plan and the strategy involved.

Required Textbook

Grewal & Levy, M Marketing (Third Edition): available at the campus bookstore or online.


For those of you interested in expanding your knowledge beyond the scope of the class, you are welcome to log on to the CampusGuide for this class. This web-based resource is a content-rich and informative site that will enable you to access additional materials such as suggested reading lists, relevant websites, and multiple library resources. You may find this site specifically useful as you prepare your case studies. Log in information will be available the first day of class. You can see me for further details/questions.

Make-up Policy

Make-ups will be allowed only under very special circumstances provided you make previous arrangements with the instructor in writing and/or provide him with appropriate documentation. Late team work assignments are not allowed under any conditions and will be penalized.

Examinations and Grading

Your final course grade will consist of a composite of the following:

15%     Group Case Studies (12)

10%     Class attendance (14 sessions; roughly 30 hours)                

10%     Short Quizzes (9)

30%     Midterm Exam                             

35%     Final Exam

Case Studies

The instructor will post all case studies and respective questions on Moodle. Each Group will be responsible for reading the material and answering all required questions. There are 12 case studies to be read and analyzed. As a group your answers are to be turned to the instructor via Moodle the Sunday before class meets for session (Sunday nights before 12:00 AM midnight). Answers to the cases will be discussed and reviewed during the last 15 minutes of each class session. It is strongly suggested that each team create a case study template inclusive of all names of the team members and the group number. This template can be used for all 12 cases. Case studies are to be one to two pages in length, double spaced, checked for grammar, spelling and language. Please use Times Roman 12 font. You may include the actual question on your report but please do not list the facts stated in the case unless absolutely necessary to illustrate your point. (I already know the facts of the case). If you use sources outside of the scope of the casethese must be cited.

Due dates on all 12 case studies are listed below:

·        Case 1 - Sunday March 3rd

·        Case 2 – Sunday March 10th

·        Case 3 - Sunday March 17th

·        Case 4 - Sunday March 24th

·        Case 5 - Sunday March 31st

·        Case 6 - Sunday April 7th

·        Case 7 – Tuesday April 23rd  

·        Case 8 – Sunday April 28th

·        Case 9 – Sunday May 5th

·        Case 10 – Sunday May 12th

·        Case 11 – Sunday May 19th

·        Case 12 – Sunday May 26th

Class attendance and participation

Attendance is mandatory and active class participation is expected of all students. Each unexcused absence will result in a loss of 1 point from your total possible points of 100. If you are late to class three times it will also cost you one point out of 100. If you are absent or chronically late for more than five times I reserve the right to drop you from the class. Should there may be any medical reasons and you must miss class a doctor’s certificate will be required. Students who need to drop the course are completely responsible for completing the required documents at the Admissions Office in order to avoid receiving an “F” mark on their transcripts.         


Short Quizzes

There will be 9 short quizzes, or roughly 1 for every 2 chapters covered in class. The quizzes will consist of 10 multiple choice questions. Because I will drop the lowest score, THERE WILL BE NO MAKE UP QUIZZES REGARDLESS OF THE REASON. If you receive less than 70% on any one quiz I strongly encourage you to make an appointment to see me and address your questions or issues right away.

9 quizzes are scheduled for the following dates:

·        Wednesday February 27th,chapter 1

·        Wednesday March 6th, chapters 2 & 3

·        Wednesday March 13th, chapter 4

·        Wednesday March 20th, chapter 5

·        Wednesday March 27th chapters 6 & 7

·        Wednesday April 3rd, chapter 8  

·        Wednesday May 8th, chapters 10 & 12

·        Wednesday May 15th, chapters 13 & 14

·        Wednesday May 29th, chapters 16 & 17


Note that materials from chapters 9, as well as 11, 15 and 18 will not appear on your quizzes, only on the midterm & final exams respectively.

NOTE: Easter Holiday will be observed the week of April 15th. Class will NOT be in session on Wednesday, April 17th.   


NO MAKE UP EXAMS WILL BE GIVEN.  Midterm and final exams are scheduled as follow:

·        Midterm Exam: Wednesday April 10th, 2013 (Chapters 1 through 9)

·        Final Exam: Wednesday June 5th, 2013. (Chapters 10 through 18)


About Moodle

This Introductory Marketing Class will be supported by a web page (Moodle) in which students will find the weekly assignments. Students will also be able to turn in weekly required assignments via Moodle. Links to websites of interest to students, as well as additional and optional marketing reading materials, miscellaneous announcements and invitations to events will be available for students to view on Moodle. More information on the use of Moodle will be given in class. A tutorial on how to use Moodle is available on the GCC main web page. Also, you can contact Moodle 24 hours a day at 1.866.251.1977. NOTE: It is highly recommended that students check the Moodle website at least once daily throughout the semester for all class updates, special announcements, files, grades, email messages from the instructor, etc.

Student Email Accounts

Students need to activate their GCC student email account. This can be done by going to MyGCC. This is one way the school communicates important information. You will not receive any communication unless your account is activated. This is also one way in which the instructor will be able to communicate with students via email. Your GCC student email account can be set up to forward all communication to a different email address that is more convenient for the students to use.

Changes in Parking Lots and Street Meters

The City of Glendale and the GCCD Joint Parking Authority have approved the following changes in parking lots and street meters in order to align fees with the rest of the city:

· On-Street parking meter fee: $1.00/hour

· Lot 32 (footbridge lot): $1.00/hour

· Lots 30, 33 and 34: $.75/hour

· Meter operation in Lots 33 and 34 has been extended to 10 p.m.

· A block of parking spaces has been reserved for park visitors in Lots 33 and 34. No student parking allowed in these spaces. Each space will have signage.

These rate changes went into effect July 1st, 2012; however, the City is in the process of modifying the meters and lots and will be posting signage. All arrangements should be completed by the Fall of 2012.

First Day Drop Policy

If the class is full to capacity and there are wait-listed students, the instructor will drop all no-shows after the first class meeting if no prior arrangements were made for the absence.

Academic Honesty Policy

Glendale Community College has an academic Honesty Policy which is listed in the Glendale Community College Catalog and in the Student Handbook (free at Information Desk near Admissions Office). Students are, at all times, required to do their own work. Activities that are considered to be CHEATING include, but are not limited to, the following: copying other students’ work, whether on a test or on routine classwork, deliberately allowing others to copy your work, doing work for others, handing in work that is not your own or talking to other students during tests. CHEATING could result in a lowering of the exam grade or the course grade (e.g. a “Fail”), and the violator’s name and student I.D. number will be sent, with a description of the violation, to the Division Chair and to the Vice President of Instruction to be kept on record for future reference. This office may suspend or dismiss offenders from the college. The Dean of Student Activities may also be contacted for disciplinary action, if necessary.

Class Rules

Electronic Device Policy: turn cell phones OFF OR PUT ON VIBRATION MODE BEFORE entering the classroom—no making/taking calls, no texting, no checking messages at anytime during the class session. Use your phone during the break, only. Use of recorders (audio and/or video) is NOT allowed at any time. Lap top computers are not to be in use unless needed for class related workNo eating or drinking in class, and please return chairs and throw away your trash. A 15-minute break will be given approximately half way through the class meeting. ANY violations to these rules will be penalized at the instructor’s discretion.

Issues or Complaints

Please address any issues relative to this course with me, your instructor, either in person during my office hours (see above) or by e-mail as early in the semester as possible. If you and I cannot resolve the issue, I will refer you to the division chair, Rory Schlueter ( Phone: 818 240-1000, Ext. 5886 or see Seda Melikyan in the Division Office, SR 311, Ext. 5484, for an appointment.

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