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In class #1

For this essay you are going to demonstrate what you have learned in this class about literary analysis so far.  You are going to pick one of the four stories that we have read and write an essay that makes an argumentative point.  You can say anything about the story that you want, but you must use the author's use of literary devices as your evidence.  You may consider devices such as plot, tone, theme, character, irony, and foreshadowing.  You are not restricted to discussing just one of these devices, and you can choose devices not mentioned here.

For example, if your thesis is: "The Grandmother's cat in "A Good Man is Hard to Find" is an embodiment of evil," you might consider if the author uses personification, what the physical description of the cat is meant to symbolize, and how the Grandmother's fears about the cat brushing up against the gas burners is actually foreshadowing.

What is most important is that you present your argument about the story with an argumentative thesis.  Don't just list everything you've noticed about the story; make a point about it that comes from your personal interpretation, and use specific examples from the text to support your argument.

You are expected to quote from the story.  Make sure that you cite any quotes or specific paraphrases using MLA format in-text citations.  No works cited is required.

When you are done, submit your essay to "In Class Essay #1" on  Good Luck!

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