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There are some African-American women who are powerful in Hollywood.  Shonda Rhimes created several very popular tv shows, including Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder (Cogshell).  By making her shows successful, the American viewing audience is telling Hollywood that they like stories created by and starring minorities.  Two of the stars of her shows are also African-American: Kerry Washington and Viola Davis (Cogshell).  We can also see African-American actresses in shows like The Leftovers and Orange is the New Black (Cogshell).  This continues the tradition begun and maintained by actresses like Pam Grier and Teresa Graves who were film and television actresses in the 1970s (Cogshell).


As Jeff Yang states, "Asian roles of any kind of substance are harder to come by than hen's teeth."

Several significant roles that should be played by Asian actors have recently been cast with white actors instead.  These include the Ancient One in Doctor Strange and the character Allison Ng in Aloha (Yang).


The problem with Hollywood's lack of diversity does not stem from the fact that there aren't enough actors, writers, or directors who come from different racial groups. The problem is that the people in power don't make use of them when they're available, instead always looking to the white options.  Jeff Yang calls this "the movie industry's persistent myopia and insidious inherent bias."  This description is accurate, because it identifies that fact that Hollywood seems unaware that 60% of the world is Asian (Yang), and presumably those audiences would like to see their stories and actors who look like them on the small and large screens.  And, as Tim Cogshell points out, by continuing these inequalities which keep audiences from spending money on yet another "white" movie, "you're leaving money on the table."

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