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English 101 - FRESHMAN ENGLISH - Groper

In Class #2

Katniss Everdeen is on trial for treason. She is charged with willfully and knowingly attempting to incite rebellion through her attempted suicide at the conclusion of the 74th Annual Hunger Games. You are an attorney who must choose to act either as the prosecution or the defense. The prosecution must try to prove that Katniss acted with the intention of defying the Capitol. The defense must try to prove that Katniss had no such intentions, and that her actions were motivated by other factors. You may use evidence from any part of the book, but you must focus one paragraph on the scene when Katniss and Peeta decide to eat the berries.

   Write this essay as if you have knowledge of all of Katniss' thoughts.  Any text in the book can be used, even if it isn't something Katniss said out loud.  You must use at least two quotes in your essay.  You do not need a Works Cited page, but you must cite your quotes using proper MLA format.

When you are finished, submit your essay to turnitin.  Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

In class #1

Referring to at least two (2) of the articles from the reading packet, present your views on the topic below in a well-developed essay.  You will have one hour to plan, write, revise, and edit your essay.  You are welcome to use a dictionary.

Use MLA format parenthetical citations appropriately.  I recommend that no more than 20% of your paper should be quoted/paraphrased/summarized from the source material.  No works cited page or title for your paper is required.


The reading packet described several different options available to students for post-secondary (after high school) education.  How should students determine the best educational path for themselves?

Support your position with logical arguments referring to the articles.  You may also include your own outside observations if relevant.

When you're finished, submit your essay to "In-class Essay #1" on

Good luck!


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