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English 101 - FRESHMAN ENGLISH - Groper

Revision Plan Worksheet

Fill out this worksheet prior to meeting with me about writing a revision.  Make sure to bring it with you to our meeting!

Research Assignment

Research Paper Research Assignment #1 and #2

Your Research Paper assignment asks you to “look at different discussions of the subject [of heroism] and then interact with them.”  Right now, you may be asking yourself how you are going to find these discussions and what it means to interact with them.  Lucky for you, this assignment will get you started!

            I have placed a selection of books on reserve in the library that are relevant to your Research Paper topic.  For this assignment, I have chosen specific excerpts from these books that I think will help you get started.  You will pick one of the excerpts listed below and read it.  You will then write a short report about it.  This report will be broken into two sections:


Section 1: Summary

            In maximum 200 words, summarize the excerpt.  The goal is not to get caught up in overly specific detail, but instead to demonstrate a basic understanding of the author’s main point(s).  You may not quote, and you should try not to paraphrase too directly.


Section 2: Analytical Response

            In minimum 200 words, respond critically to the excerpt.  Do you agree with the author’s claims?  Why or why not?  Do you see flaws in the logic?  Explain them.  Could this argument be expanded or improved?  How?  Is the excerpt effectively written?  Why or why not?  You are essentially acting as a literary critic/English professor.  There should not be any summary in this section, but you may quote once (quote may not be longer than one sentence).


Pick your reading assignment from the following list:


1. The Hero Within: Six Archetypes We Live By By Carol S. Pearson

Chapter 1: “The Hero’s Journey


2. Heroes: Saviors, Traitors, and Supermen By Lucy Hughes-Hallett



3. Superheroes and Superegos By Sharon Packer

(Pick one)

Chapter 1: “Introduction: Superheroes and Superegos”

Chapter 6: “Myths of Metamorphosis: ‘Be All You Can Be . . . but Much More’”



4. Heroes, Saints, & Ordinary Morality By Andrew Michael Flescher

(Pick one)

Introduction: “The Morally Ordinary and the Morally Extraordinary”

Chapter 3: “Ordinary Human Heroes” (Pick 2)

            “The ‘Hero’ As A Type” (p. 109)

            “Heroic Representations” (p. 115)

            “Human Heroes” (p. 127)

            “Characterizing Heroes within a Moral Framework” (p. 148)




5. The Hero: A Study in Tradition, Myth and Drama By Lord Raglan

(Pick two)

Chapter XVI: “The Hero”

Chapter XVII: “The Hero (Continued)”

Chapter XVIII: “The Hero (Continued)”


6. Critical Insights: The Hero’s Quest Edited by Bernard Schweizer and Robert A. Segal

(Pick One)

“On the Hero’s Quest”

“Theories of Myth”


7. The Hero With A Thousand Faces By Joseph Campbell

(Pick two subsections within the chapters such as “The Call to Adventure”)

Part I: “The Adventure of The Hero”

            Chapter I: “Departure”

            Chapter II: “Initiation”

            Chapter III: “Return”


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