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Information Competency at GCC

Citing Sources and Academic Integrity

This Page Contains:

Citing Sources and Academic Integrity using MLA and APA citation styles (Section Module) starts with a video and tutorial on why it's important to cite sources and ends with a module on academic integrity. Each citation style begins with a video or two, and some contain a tutorial and end with a quiz. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Overview of the importance of citations and crediting sources
  • How to cite in MLA 8th Edition style, including in-text citations and works cited format
  • Understand the concept of "containers" in MLA 8th Edition
  • How to cite in APA style, including common sources such as books, journals, and websites
  • How to cite using other styles such as Chicago, Turabian, and Chicago
  • Understand the value of information and how to act with academic integrity
  • Identify the types of plagiarism, how to avoid it, and the consequences of academic dishonesty


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