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Chaparral 2022-2023: 31.4 Milestones

Roberta Wolin-Tupas

In December 2022, Roberta Wolin-Tupas (Dance) performed in the GCC Dance Faculty work, "Why We Dance", directed by GCC Dance Department Chair Victor Robles. "Why We Dance" was choreographed and performed by the GCC Dance faculty. 

Here is a photo of Roberta from the concert. (note: Dance faculty Richard Kuller is stage right) 

Why we dance

Dominique Margolis

Dominique Margolis (Student Labs) is one of the 175 writers of the book The Masks We Wear: The Next Page Book Project. The Next Page Book Project is a wonderfully original concept created by Samantha Pearlman, a school-based therapist and photographer from Saint-Louis, Missouri. In her own words, the project “is all about connection, collaboration, creativity, diversity, and inclusion.” The story, set over the course of one high school year when students come back in person on the heels of the covid-19 pandemic, is a story about identity, growth, mental health, acceptance, and love.

Steve Shade

Steve ShadeSteve Shade’s (English) play Captain Impervious was selected for publication in the upcoming Smith & Kraus Best Ten-Minute Plays 2023. A monologue from another play But You Still Look will appear in the Smith & Kraus anthology Best Men’s Stage Monologues 2023. This marks his fifth publication for Smith & Krause with his play Time-Peace published in the current Best Ten-Minute Plays 2022 and monologues included in Best Men’s Stage Monologues 2021 and Best Women’s Stage Monologues 2019.

Mark Maier

Mark Maier (emeritus economics) co-edited a 2023 book Teaching Principles of Microeconomics. And he has a chapter "Group worthy cooperative learning structures in the college classroom" in the 2023 book Contemporary Global Perspectives on Cooperative Learning.

Teaching Principles of MicroeconomicsContemporary Global Perspectives on Cooperative Learning

Fidel Gonzalez

Fidel GonzalezFidel Gonzalez (Student Equity Counseling) is running the Los Angeles 2023 marathon on Sunday, March 19, 2023. It will be his first marathon (26.2 miles). His goal is to just finish; ideally, he would love to complete the whole marathon without stopping.  Fidel shares that it feels intimidating to think about the distance but he is trusting the process that the training will pay off.

If you see him walking around campus the following week with a medal around his neck, you know he finished. Just don't ask him how long it took him to finish. He shares that he does not want to run for some time after all the training and running

Arpine Ovsepyan

Recently, Arpine Ovsepyan (Student Success Center) was honored by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development ASCD for the work she does for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics as a K-12 STEAM Outreach Chair for Los Angeles! It really is a humbling award since AIAA is one of the largest aerospace networking groups in the world. Most of Arpine’s work is Outreach events with local area schools to provide scholarship for minority youth and women in STEAM initiatives. She also mentors minority youth as they work to enter the engineering profession. They are doing amazing outreach efforts to support teachers at local K-12 schools. Check out the announcement here.

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