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Chaparral 2022-2023: 31.3 OUR Wellness

OUR Wellness

by Jason Plourde
Wellness Coordinator

As we finish up the Steps Challenge, I want to thank those that participated. I also want to encourage you to continue with your health journey. Yes, gift cards as prizes makes it a little easier to get moving, but the ultimate goal is to keep you moving without the external reward of those gift cards. Now you can reap the benefits of the internal rewards. You now know you can do it, and your body is probably thanking you for that. You feel much better, both physically and mentally. That’s your body’s way of rewarding you.

With the theme of this issue being “Staying Connected”, I want you to stay connected with your body. I know it can be hard sometimes, especially during the holidays and the end of the semester. But, remember those internal rewards. That is why you need to stay connected with your body. Our bodies tell us everything we need to know, we just have to make sure we are listening to them. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, but it will actually help you lead a healthier lifestyle. For example, anytime my lips get really chapped, that usually means I haven’t been drinking enough water. That physical cue will make me stop and think to myself, “how much water have you been drinking lately?” And when I take the time to do that I realize that I haven’t been drinking enough water. Sometimes it’s that easy, other times it isn’t. Only you know your body.

How to reconnect with your body - WellBeing Magazine

I found this article “How to Reconnect With Your Body.” It covers the importance of connecting and knowing your body, its signs and signals. It also covers 9 ways to reconnect with your body. All of them are fairly simple, and most of us probably already do them. The problem is, we don’t listen to that information all the time. We need to start listening a little better to our body. This will help you stay connected!

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