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Chaparral 2022-2023: 31.2 Classified Council Notes

Classified Council Note

by Wendy Grove
Classified Council President

happy feedback

Classified Council relies on participation by both our board and our members. A recent membership survey was conducted to gauge availability and interests of members. Though not all members filled out the brief survey, we had 29 responses that gave a decent indication of our members’ ability to attend in-person events and presentations based on their work schedules and likelihood of attending.

No one wants to host an event that no one attends. The results showed that 68.97% of respondents work both in person and remotely. There are 44.83% of respondents who expressed that they are very interested in attending an in-person event. That’s encouraging.

As it stands now, we will conduct the Holiday See’s fundraiser online again. But the spring may bring some in-person possibilities, especially for presenting our student worker scholarship at an actual event! That is the goal. As always, we want input from members as to what kind of presentations they would be most likely to attend. A very good sign was that 75.86% said they would be willing to have the membership dues reinstated, which helps pay for some events. Things are looking up for Classified Council.

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