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Chaparral 2022-2023: 31.3 Milestones

Rose-Marie Payan

Rose-Marie Payan (Economics) is sponsoring testimony on an important cost allocation proceeding. The case was filed September 15, 2022. The discovery phase of the case will begin soon and the evidentiary hearings will take place next year. Her testimony can be found here:

Also, she served as the 2022 California Gas Report statewide chairperson this year. They filed the public document with the Commission on September 1, 2022. The document summarizes the State of California's long term natural gas supply and demand outlook.

Martin James

Martin James (Theatre Arts) is delighted to share that his poetry collection, Photofit, will be published by Pindrop Press in 2023. Having worked as a commissioned playwright in the UK, published four critically-acclaimed nonfiction books on Shakespeare here in the States, and published widely as a poet in international literary magazines, Martin is so excited that his debut collection has been accepted for publication.

Roberta Wolin-Tupas

Roberta Wolin-Tupas’ (Child Development, Dance) choreography was presented in Synapse Dance Theater at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica on Saturday and Sunday, Nov 5-6, 2022.

Michelle Stonis

Reporting fellow Jacqueline Kamei and co-advisor Michelle Stonis (History) attended the Pulitzer Center's Reporting Fellow Washington Weekend event held in Washington, D.C., on October 14-16, 2022. As GCC's first reporting fellow for our Pulitzer Center Campus Consortium, Jacqueline presented her reporting on the double-edged sword of social media on the US feminist movement. In addition to meeting the Pulitzer staff, Michelle saw many historical sites in the city, including The Willard InterContinental Hotel where Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote his infamous “I Have a Dream” speech and the reading room of the Library of Congress. Co-Advisors Dr. Reut Cohen Schorr (Journalism) and Michelle Stonis plan to accompany GCC's 2023 reporting fellow to Washington Weekend next year.

Visit GCC's Pulitzer webpage for more information.

Reporting Fellow Jacqueline Kamei and professor Michelle Stonis from Glendale Community College pose for a photo during the Pulitzer Center’s Reporting Fellow Washington Weekend event held in Washington, D.C., Oct. 14-16, 2022. Image by Daniel Vasta. United States, 2022.

Michelle Stonis (History) also consulted on “Reflect,” an animated short about a young ballet dancer named Bianca who struggles with body dysmorphia and triumphs over it through the power of self-confidence. When Michelle's daughters were young and she wasn't a professor yet, she would talk to the screen when cartoons were ableist, sexist, or flat-out wrong. Working with Walt Disney Animation Studios has been a dream come true. This is Michelle's first screen credit, with more in the works. "Reflect" is now streaming on Disney+ on Short Circuit (Season 2). Michelle can be found on Instagram @professorstonis and in her minivan driving her kids to their many activities.

Short Circuit

Jeanette Farr

A production of Hedda on Fire, a Play Inspired by Ibsen and Climate Change by Jeanette Farr (Theatre Arts) premiered at California State University, Stanislaus in November. Jeanette workshopped this play and shared her knowledge of new play development with the students and the play is slated to travel to Edinburgh, Scotland, UK in August.

A production of Hedda on Fire, a Play Inspired by Ibsen and Climate Change by Jeanette Farr

A production of Hedda on Fire, a Play Inspired by Ibsen and Climate Change by Jeanette Farr

Jennifer Krestow

Local Professor Rescues Lizard
As the guild meeting ended on a warm Tuesday afternoon, faculty drifted slowly out of Kreider Hall, deep in conversation and pizza. Commotion caught the eye of several faculty, who began chasing something around the entryway to the building. Upon further investigation, it was determined that a small lizard had gotten confused and entered the building. The lizard was young and apparently healthy, but completely nude. Several bystanders attempted to verbally encourage the lizard to vacate the building, but instead, the obviously bewildered reptile began to head for a vending machine – feigning an interest in scantron testing materials. This is when a heroic faculty member leapt into action. Realizing that if the lizard were to set up shop underneath the vending machine, their chances of escaping the building would dwindle to approximately zero, Dr. Krestow (Physical Science) attempted a daring rescue. Deftly blocking the lizard's path with a surgical mask, she then scooped up the hapless reptile and deposited it several yards outside the building, in the sun. "I suppose I will add 'herpetofauna superhero' to my CV now," quipped Dr. Krestow, relieved that the cold-blooded creature was finally warming themselves in the sun. The lizard appeared to be in good spirits, but declined our request to comment on the ordeal.

Local Professor Rescues Lizard

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