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Chaparral 2022-2023: 31.5 Our Wellness

OUR Wellness

by Jason Plourde
Wellness Coordinator


As the coordinator of the OUR Wellness Program, I would like to think that the program is innovative. I think the program had to be in order to persist during the pandemic. Isn’t that what everyone did? Persist? I think we all persisted in some form or another, but that persistence may be taking a toll on our bodies and minds. It’s time for people to step back and take stock of their body, and more importantly their minds. We can only be the best for our students if we are at OUR best. The OUR Wellness Program is here to help you with that. I found the article 17 Innovative Employee Wellness Program Ideas ( And I’m happy to say, that of the 17 innovative ideas, the OUR Wellness Program already uses six, and three more with the help of our Wellness Advocates. Nine out of 17 isn’t bad. It would get us into the Baseball Hall of Fame for sure!

One of the innovative ideas was wellness challenges. It just so happens that we already have a wellness challenge – the Steps Challenge! And it starts on May 1st. I sent out information about the Steps Challenge on 4/25, but here it is again if you happened to delete it:

It’s time to pound the pavement once again! Yes folks, the Steps Challenge is back! Starting Monday May 1st!Gift card

It is time for the OUR Wellness: Steps Challenge. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends an average of 10,000 steps per day, which is about 5 miles of walking. I challenge you to average 70,000 steps per week for the next 5 weeks! We have 10 $40 Amazon gift cards to raffle off at the end of the challenge, and 1 $50 Amazon gift card for the person that has the most total steps over the five-week challenge.

Participating and completing the challenge will give you one raffle ticket. Every week you complete 70,000 steps will give you another raffle ticket for that week (5 possible). You can earn a total of 6 raffle tickets. You will log your steps with an Excel Spreadsheet that I have provided (make sure you put your name on it). Just download it, save it, and log in your steps daily and save it again. It will automatically total your steps for you for each week. After each week, send it to me. I will send out reminders for when they are due. You can count your steps using your smart phone or smart watch. Just download a pedometer app and it will do all the work for you.

Participate and complete the challenge = 1 Raffle Ticket

70,000 Steps per week = 1 Raffle Ticket (5 possible) 

Weekly Breakdown:

Week 1 – 5/1 Challenge starts – 5/7 (send step log to me on 5/8)

Week 2 – 5/8 – 5/14 (send step log to me on 5/15)

Week 3 – 5/15 – 5/21 (send step log to me on 5/22)

Week 4 – 5/22 – 5/28 (send step log to me on 5/30 (Monday is Memorial Day)

Week 5 – 5/29 – 6/4 (send final step log to me on 6/4)

Once again, each week I will post the top 5 step totals (80's arcade style)! Here's the list of top step getters (week 5) from last semester.:

  1. HZ – 152,192
  2. JG – 117,647
  3. IV – 116,080
  4. RG – 112,896
  5. FG – 100,016

HZ took home the title of most total steps last semester with 730,500. Let's see if that person can defend his/her title, or if someone can step up (pun intended) to defeat him/her!


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