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Chaparral 2022-2023: 31.5 Garfield Matters

Garfield Matters
Sustaining Innovation at Garfield

Garfield Campus

by Andres Cruz
Noncredit ESL

One of the biggest challenges in adult education is not just creating innovative ways to support students but sustaining innovation. Recent socio-economic challenges have compelled schools to reconsider ways of operating and understanding education when schools’ objectives are incompatible with students’ needs. The Garfield Campus has responded to the changing needs of students through the following innovative services and resources.

Continued Support for Teachers

Garfield focuses on sustaining innovative online teaching strategies. Level leaders facilitate workshops for teachers teaching the same class, so teachers can share innovative ideas to engage learners. For example, teachers learn about new technology tools, online activities, and online platforms that enhance language learning. This continued support guarantees a more equitable learning experience for adult learners.

Also, Garfield provides workshops that focus on transformative teaching pedagogy. Teachers can join book clubs, meetings, and workshops designed to empower adult learners within the context of continuing education. The goal is to energize teachers and provide them with innovative skills to increase academic success.

Garfield academic success

New Student Connections

Garfield is always looking for innovative ways to increase enrollment and student retention. Therefore, starting this summer, community outreach leaders plan to bring laptops to community events to help prospective students complete the admissions application, activate student emails, and complete the placement workshop. This “one-stop” approach has already proven effective and practical at the Garfield Campus, and it also increases a sense of student mattering. 

Garfield is also working on innovative ways to make education more accessible. For instance, program coordinators and administrators are looking for locations in the community to offer Noncredit courses, like ESL. These off-site classes are critical because Garfield understands the importance of meeting disproportionately impacted learners where they are and in spaces where they feel safe and comfortable. This innovative way of re-examining adult education challenges ableism.

Fostering Community Relationships

Administrators at Garfield are reflecting on new ways to foster community relationships through innovative community services. A few years ago, GCC purchased thirteen residential properties adjacent to the Garfield Campus (none of the properties acquired were historic buildings) to expand its parking lot, create sitting areas, and add a landscape. Garfield administrators are interested in fostering community relationships by providing innovative community resources, like creating a dog park for the community. The goal is to build a stronger sense of community and trust.

Garfield parking

New Vocational Certificates

Garfield continues to advocate for upward social mobility by offering innovative vocational certificates. These tuition-free classes are designed to improve the socio-economic status of adult learners and their families. For example, the Business and Life Skills Division offers a Dental Front Office Clerk certificate (15 months), a Medical Assistant certificate (10 months), and an Administrative Medical Assistant certificate (10 months). Two innovative vocational certificates coming soon are the Certified Nursing Assistant certificate and the Homecare Giver/Aide.

Vocational certificates

The Garfield Campus continues to sustain its innovative efforts to make education more accessible and student success more equitable. Responding to the changing needs of adult learners has been an impetus for meaningful innovation and a broader array of services and resources for teachers, learners, and the Glendale community.

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