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Art 130 2-D Design Foundations

Project #3 - Tile Design


Pattern Research Suggestions


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General search for patterns: patterns design

Searching styles: Japanese - Chinese - Islamic - African Ankara - Aztec - Indonesian - Indian 


Google Search: "Moroccan Tile" > images

  Google Search example: "Moroccan Tile" and images  

Examples of Zellij  1  2

Drawings of Moroccan geometry by Hamza. 

Ancient Roman Mosaics

Learn more: Wikipedia  / Daily Art Magazine article  Mosaic Floor with Head of Medusa (Getty Museum) What to look for: Patterns frames, use of color

Japanese Patterns

Japan Avenue

Try it out. 


Art image collection (database)

Access through Databases A-Z " You need to log in with your GCC account.

1. Open the Library webpage

2. Select Databases A - Z > "A" > ArtSTOR

3. Use Advanced Search:  Patterns and Art NOT Fashion

4. Choose "Prints" and "Graphic Design and Illustration"

5. Select the Search button. 

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