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LILi: Lifelong Information Literacy

Chair's Welcome

Chair's Welcome, 2016-2017

Welcome (back) to all new and returning board members of LILi!

I want to extend a very heartfelt thank you to last year’s board members for a terrific year of collaboration, true collegiality, and congeniality. A special thanks to Lisa Burgert for her exceptional leadership, hard work, and organizational skills, to Annie Knight for her diligent record-keeping and willingness to help, to Angela Boyd for her steady and thoughtful advice, and her dedication as webmaster for the newly-launched LILi libguide. Of course, none of this would be possible without LILi Founder, and Board Emerita, Esther Grassian, who has been the guiding voice and go-to person for all things LILi.

As former Vice-Chair, I enjoyed working with everyone from organizing the business meetings to planning the annual conference and contributing to the website. I look forward to working with everyone again this year. We welcome all levels of involvement for new and returning members as we embark on another productive and collaborative year.

LILi will be having its first quarterly business meeting on Friday, October 28, from 11 am -1 pm at Glendale Community College. Details are forthcoming. My hope is that these informal gatherings will allow librarians from all contexts to discuss, brainstorm, and strategize on what I have called the "gospel of information literacy" by sharing and collaborating. Remember, LILi is a no-dues and no-fees organization. 


Susie Chin
2016-2017 LILi Chair
Instruction Librarian
Glendale Community College Library
1500 N Verdugo Road
Glendale, CA 91208
p: 818.240.1000 ext. 5759

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