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Writing Women into Wikipedia

Articles to Improve

1. Ada Lovelace, English mathematician and computer programmer

2. Silva Kaputikyan, Armenian poet

  • ADD: internal link from the words "Soviet Armenia" to the Wikipedia article for Soviet Armenia (in the leader paragraph)

3. Yo-Yo, American rapper and feminist

4. Margaret De Patta, American jewelry designer 

  • ADD: Much more could be added to this article (for example, she was the co-founder of the Metal Arts Guild of San Francisco, her teaching positions, she studied with László Moholy-Nagy) Here are some sources:

5. Alice Alldredge, American oceanographer

  • EDIT: Add sections to the article. There are no rules for creating sections. Wikipedia recommends that you name and order sections based on the precedent of another article which is similar. Use this article as an example: Sylvia Earle
  • ADD: new content to the article. Here are some sources:

6. Everjoice Win, Zimbabwean Women's rights activist

  • EDIT: Create an internal link to ActionAid Wikipedia article
  • ADD: She is the International Programmes Director at ActionAid

7. Tránsito Amaguaña, Ecuadorian indigenous rights activist

8. Wilma Mankiller, first woman to serve as Chief of the Cherokee Nation

  • EDIT:  the last sentence of the leader paragraph is plagiarized. Add a citation for it, and put it into your own words. 
  • EDIT: the last sentence of the early Life paragraph needs a citation ("She began an entry-level job...")

9. Leatitia Robinson, American boxer

  • EDIT: the Amateur Career and the Professional Career sections need citations. See if you can use any of the sources from the References section, and add them to the Amateur Career and the Professional Career sections.

10. Henrietta Swan Leavitt, American astronomer

  • ADD: add a citation to this sentence from the leader paragraph: "Though she received little recognition in her lifetime, it was her discovery that first allowed astronomers to measure the distance between the Earth and faraway galaxies."

11. Dolores Cacuango, Ecuadorian indigenous rights activist

12. Ann Elizabeth Wee, British-born Singaporean academic and social worker

  • ADD: internal link from the words "social worker" to the Wikipedia article for social work (first sentence).

13. Harriet Powers, American folk artist and quilt maker

  • EDIT: Footnote #7: replace the broken link with this link


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