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Library Credit Courses

Course Descriptions

LIB 190 Introduction to Basic Research Skills

Library 190: Introduction to Basic Research Skills (1 unit) Transfer Credit: CSU

Library 190 introduces students to the skills of basic researching, including the effective use of library resources and services.  Students learn fundamental techniques for locating, evaluating, and organizing information to be used in research papers, as well as how to correctly format source citations.  Topics covered include:  information cycle and timeline; comparing, contrasting, and selecting library and open web resources; types and characteristics of information sources; effective information research planning; search techniques, evaluation criteria, citation formatting, and plagiarism.

Recommended Preparation: Eligibility for ENGL 120 and ESL 151

LIB 191 Introduction to Information Competency

Library 191: Introduction to Information Competency (2 units) Transfer Credit: CSU, UC

Library 191 is designed to teach and strengthen lifelong research and information competency skills by introducing students to the nature of research and the role of the library in the research process. Students learn the core concepts of information retrieval
and essential techniques for finding, evaluating, analyzing, organizing, and presenting information. The topics covered include: using online catalogs to locate books and other library resources; developing research strategies; exercising critical thinking to evaluate information; applying critical and search techniques to electronic databases; understanding citation formats and using the internet as a research tool. (Revised Dec 2012)

Recommended Preparation: Eligibility for ENGL 101

Note: Students completing Library 191, Library 190, and/or Library 101 will receive a maximum of two units of credit.

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