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Library Workshops


A student found the below resources and wants to use them in her research project.

1. What container is the content provided in?

2. Are there two containers? An original container (such as a print publication) and a secondary container (such as a database or website)?

Remember, "container" is another word for what package the content was originally delivered in. Was it...

  • A printed periodical, such as a magazine, newspaper, or scholarly journal?
  • A website?
  • A database?

Also keep in mind that information may be packaged in one container that in turn is contained by another, different container. For instance: You might read a newspaper article that is packaged/contained in a library database. Or you might read a short story that is packaged/contained on a web page.





When you're finished practicing, click here to return to the Works Cited page of this Workshop.

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