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Information Competency at GCC

Access to Pre / Post Quiz Results

To get pre and post quiz results for your students, go to the IC@GCC Instructor's page 

(contact Zo for username/password) 

1. Click on "Assessment Results" from the IC@GCC Instructor's page

2. Select which quiz you want to retrieve results of.

3. Search for your last name (you can also search for course/workshop name, or student ID number to check on specific students)

4. Browse results after you click "Go" - you can see students' total from this screen in the "result" column, and a link to their individual responses (to each question) next to it.

5. To dowload the results, you have the option of Dowload select responses, or Download all responses in a CSV (speadsheet type file)


NOTE: If using SCORM packages in Moodle, your students' grades will register in your Moodle gradebook.

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