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Information Competency at GCC

Faculty & Staff information about IC@GCC

Faculty & Staff Instructions for incorporating IC@GCC

 1. Select which multimedia or module you would like to pilot:

a.       include the pre-quiz and post-quiz for each module you are using; these will be used for assessment purposes. Pre and Post Quiz results can be exported from the IC@GCC Instructor's page.  If using Moodle, quiz results will also register in your gradebook.

b.       please also provide the link to this qualitative survey for the students to complete about their experiences with the IC multimedia:



2. Select method of delivery to students:

a.       Embed/Link modules in your CampusGuides or external website

b.      Embed/Link/Upload in your Moodle course

Moodle Tip for Quizzes:

Set the points for the quiz to match the number of questions in each pre/post quiz for more accurate results!  Most IC@GCC quizzes have 5 questions; some have 3-4.


c.       Email links to IC@GCC guide <> or to specific modules directly to students.

Option: Direct students to the IC@GCC Students' Page with instructions on which module to complete.

Web addresses to IC@GCC modules


d.      Give students bookmarks with link to multimedia/module (bookmarks available at the Reference Desk)



3. Decide when in the semester you will incorporate the IC materials -  e.g., week 5-choosing sources; week 10-citing sources


Put  steps 1 + 2 + 3 to practice to incorporate IC@GCC into your course.


4. Assessment

a. Quantitative data - pre and post quiz results will be used to assess student learning outcomes. Satisfaction survey will also provide assessment of affective response variables.

b. Qualitative data - Satisfaction survey is intended to capture qualitative responses.

Staff Survey  

Student Survey  

c. Focus Group Discussions - let us know if you are interested in meeting with colleagues and discuss:


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